You better Focus on Charli XCX because she’s not stopping!

3 July 2018

charli xcx focus no angel

Charli XCX is still on a music release spree.

The artist is keeping her promise to release more and more music and videos this summer and this time she dropped not one but two new tracks and she’s threatened fans to “STREAM/PARTY/RAVE/DANCE/CRY” to them or else.

“Focus” and “No Angel” continue Charli’s self-characterization from her “5 Am In The Morning.”

In “No Angel,” the singer/songwriter is on a mission to prove to us that she is in fact, no angel while on “Focus” she’s asking from some deserved attention to her feelings “I just want you to focus on my love.”

Her spree is random and without announcements or links to new full albums so we’re gonna have to keep waiting for some answers while we listen to Charli’s new tracks and future releases…