Writing’s On The Wall is not the regular 007 song

28 September 2015

writing on the wall

Sam Smith dropped the new 007 soundtrack “Writing’s on the Wall” and it’s like no other Bond song.

Sam said while promoting the song that he didn’t want to make a “big pop song”  but wanted listeners to say, “That’s Bond, that sounds like a Bond theme.”

The song does have a different feel to it, a pre-60s feel that is from before Goldfinger and without all the rock-and-roll influence.


The song had a variety of reviews that revolved around one main idea; the song doesn’t go towards showing the “bad-ass” side of the protagonist but is rather “more about feelings and emotional sanity” as Forbes put it.

The Telegraph said “The British singer’s Spectre theme tune is both intimate and epic, and may be the greatest vocal he’s ever recorded.” Indeed it is because Sam Smith let loose of his freshly operated vocal cords and went full on highs.