WOW Lady GaGa. That’s all you need to know

6 February 2017

lady gaga super bowl halftime show

Lady Gaga did everything humanly possible and borderline impossible during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The “Million Reasons” singer started off from a very high point in the stadium and bungeed her way down to the stage. She sang live for nearly 14 minutes, danced, played two different instruments, hugged the crowd, changed outfits, and left the building by jumping off stage, all while wearing heels! She didn’t miss a single beat and addressed a very sentimental “hi” while on the piano.

Gaga’s gifts didn’t end with the ending of the show as she went on to announce the Joanne world tour and all the lucky places she will be stopping by. If the tour is going to be anything like the halftime show, WOW! Just WOW!