Why Eminem should be on your workout playlist

30 October 2015

eminem good for your workout

If you’re getting your gym playlist set, you better include Eminem on it and here’s why.

A new study found that listening to the rap god while working out could actually improve your performance. The new study conducted in Britain on swimmer Ben Hooper proved Em’s tracks to be on top of the list of songs that constitute good work-out music improving training by 10%.

The Gloucestershire Echo report says “tempo, rhythm and confrontational lyrics” are “highly motivational.” The swimmer, who said that he, like many athletes, relies on music in his training, loves performances from Eminem because of “their inspirational messages.”

“This research has identified the optimum songs to get my mind in the right place and push me through when things get tough.”

The optimal songs apparently are by Eminem. The ones that made the list were “Lose Yourself” at number 1, “Not Afraid” at number 2 and “Without Me” at 9. These hits significantly increase both power and endurance during periods of prolonged and intense exercise.

There you have, the scientific reason why Eminem has to be on your workout playlist. And in case you don’t know these songs (yeah right) but just in case..

Lose Yourself, #1

Not Afraid, #2

Without Me #9