Who won Justin or 1D

26 November 2015

Justin vs one direction

Justin’s comeback VS One Direction’s departure.

It’s been a week since Purpose and Made In The AM hit the shelves and we have the stats to see who got the most sales.

Before the release of the albums, fans were going crazy on who will win and each fandom was pushing their artist. Beliebers went crazy about Justin’s first album in three years and Directioners were mental about One Direction going on hiatus this year.

So who won the first week sales race?
Drum roll…

Justin Bieber succeeded by selling 868 thousand copies of Purpose while 1D got 764k copies sold; so congrats for Justin and the Beliebers and those who sit on common grounds being part of both fandoms.

Since the announcement of the release date of both albums, everyone was waiting to see which one  will come on top. A majority predicted it would be Bieber especially with the fact that the preorders numbers scaled in his favor.