Who should she be next?

22 May 2017

from my closet

One of our colleagues is dressing up in a different costume every day and we think it’s awesome.

Elige, one of our social media managers, has made a decision at the beginning of the year to dress up as a different character every day, five days a week, for a year and spend her days in costumes.

It has become a daily thing at the office to guess who she’s going to be!

Hermione Granger, Peter Pan, Lagertha

Hermione Granger, Peter Pan, Lagertha

She has been Coco Chanel, Red Riding Hood, Mary Poppins, Superman, Simba… a total of 89 different characters so far, all FROM HER CLOSET. She’s doing this to fight stereotypes; get people to stop judging based on appearances; and encourage more self-expression and being yourself.

What she basically does every day during the week is wear a different costume, all items being regular clothes, and goes to work, the bank, to university, basically everywhere in the costume. She posts a picture every day of the costume and then has a blog entry at night to recall what happened throughout the day and some of the reactions she got to her appearance.

Belle, Karl Lagerfeld, Minion Bob

Belle, Karl Lagerfeld, Minion Bob

This is how she started the challenge last January…

The world is an ugly place but change really does start from within. We’re all good in reality and it’s time to share the goodness by being who we really are.

I’m starting a project that most of those who learned about it told me “Are you serious?” “Will you be able to do it?” “Are you ready for the pressure?” “That takes a lot of balls if you’re going to do it”
Honestly I don’t think it’s really that hard because all this project takes is for me to be me, the real ME and just have fun.
Why am I doing this? I’m doing this because I’m sick of it all.
I’m sick of all the fakeness that surrounds us.
I’m sick of having to worry about what would people think if I say, do, or think a certain way.
I’m sick of everyone thinking they have the right to judge and insult everything around them just to feel superior.
I’m sick of having to act a certain way around certain people because they’re of “higher status.”
I’m sick of people having to hide who they are in fear of judgement or bullying.
I’m sick of hearing the words “What would people say?”
I’m sick of the same beauty standards and the fact that everyone feels the need to look like someone else.
I’m sick of the bullying that people get because of the way they look, how they dress, how fat or thin they are and the way they think.
I’m sick of people saying that we should all live together in harmony while at the same time they can’t accept others and their opinion.
I’m sick of having to wear the appropriate mask for the appropriate situation.
I’m sick of having to act something I’m not. And I’m sick that you have to do it too.
To have the courage to remove the mask and just be myself and for you to be yourself, because we’re all equal and there’s no “higher status” I will be wearing a different costume (character) for an entire year 5 days a week, all FROM MY CLOSET. I will be going to my job, my university, the bank, shopping, etc.. in the outfit and I’ll even be posting about it on social media but what I most certainly won’t do is worry about what will people think of me doing this because it’s time TO BE OUT OF THE CLOSET.

What do you think of her project?

Check out her page: facebook.com/frommyclosettoday and follow her on Instagram @eligeay and medium.com/@eligeay to see what she’s posting daily