What Lovers Do video is crazier than life

29 September 2017

what lovers do sza maroon 5

Adam Levine is chasing SZA throughout an extremely eventful “What Lovers Do” video.

Maroon 5 and SZA’s collaboration “What Lovers Do” has a video and it’s filled with things couples will probably never do, but most want to. The Joseph Kahn-directed film kicks off with young Adam and SZA playing with butterflies when suddenly, a wild deer appears singing the lyrics of the track. Things only escalate beyond this point, literally as the two kids run vertically up a tree before transforming to their adult selves where the madness goes full throttle.

Adam keeps chasing the beauty by running on water, then throughout a marathon, then on jet skis while dolphins jump around them.  The video keeps going up the crazy scale and peaks when Maroon 5’s lead singer transforms into Godzilla. Just check it out…