What I Need, is a movie version of this video!

4 June 2018

what i need hayley kiyoko kehlani

Hayley Kiyoko directed her own video with Kehlani by her side for “What I Need.”

The two artists are best of friends for their new track and video. In “What I Need,” Kehlani escapes her annoying aunt with Hayley behind the wheels and they take the open road. The two girls are having the time of their lives, singing and laughing, until a dangerous mishap with their vehicle leaves stranded on the highway. They try to get a ride and end up getting caught by what seems to be the creepiest truck driver on the planet… What will happen next? Watch and see..

The track comes in time for Pride Month with Hayley having already made it clear that she wishes to portray authentic queer stories and this one really hit the spot. Celebrities like Lauren Jauregui and Ruby Rose praised the visual and Kiyoko’s work after Kehlani declared that it’s one of her favorite videos she’s ever been in. Happy #20GayTeen