What else could these two do?!

6 December 2015

justin bieber and adele

Justin Bieber and Adele are still on a record breaking streak.

After the release of his sixth album, Purpose, on November 13, after three long years, Justin broke a couple of records selling 649 000 equivalent album units (which means streaming included) in its first week; giving it the biggest weekly total on a single album since Billboard started including streams.

The artist broke many records in the music industry and now he adds another remarkable instance to the list. “Sorry” was moved from the No.1 slot on the UK charts but what’s interesting is that it was bumped out by another Justin song “Love Yourself” (co-written by Ed Sheeran).

Why is this remarkable you ask? Well, the last time an artist displaced himself on the UK singles chart it was Elvis who posthumously won himself with the release of two reissued singles in 2015 oh and before that, the only artists to pull such a move were THE freakin BEATLES! so yeah give the guy a break and congrats Justin!

Moving one week to November 20, Adele released her also long waited 25 that sent the world into frenzy with the lead single “Hello” taking over ears, eyes and feelings. The artist broke a 15 year-long record that used to belong to NSYNC for top sales in a week; BTW she did that in three days! The rest of the week, she ended up selling 3.38 million copies. That’s not all, the next week, she went and sold another million copies which is also unprecedented, like ever. No album has EVER sold a million copies in each of two different weeks.

We’re living in great times! I wonder if the two artists collaborate what would happen.

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