Fiery new track from Tinashe

17 March 2017

tinashe flame

Tinashe released a new track, “Flame.”

After 2016’s Nightride, Tinashe is now getting ready to release the second part of the album Joyride. We still haven’t had a taste of the upcoming album but “Flame” could very possibly be part of it.

We have an audio of the track so far with the cover art which has T in red on the floor in a very somber atmosphere flowing with the mood of the track. The song has her asking her partner if their love went ice cold or is the flame still there in an attempt to prevent them from leaving.

“Tell me that you still got the flame for me/Tell me that you still wanna stay, don’t leave,”

The singer/songwriter dropped “Flame” on March 15 and has been teasing a music video with some shots on Instagram.