The Weeknd’s gifts are two amazing hits

28 December 2015

the weeknd low life and pass dat

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that aren’t holiday themed and the Weeknd knows it.

We all like gifts and we can’t get the Christmas feel without them. But when we get something way too Chrismassy (thank you aunty for that ugly Christmas sweater :D), it will sit somewhere in the closet and we won’t use it. The best gifts are the ones we’ll be using and overusing through the year and in this case listening to and on repeat.

While everyone was dropping Christmas songs, The Weeknd handed us TWO not-so-Christmassy songs that will never be out of season; “Low Life” and “Pass Dat.”


“Low Life” is a collaboration with Future and has a rather slow but super catchy beat that will guarantee a place for it on your 2016 playlist. The Weeknd will definitely “hook” you up with “I’m always repping for that low life” while Future gives you the more explicit stuff you don’t want to listen to in front of your parents.

While this one is a remix of Jeremih’s “Pass Dat,” The Weeknd replaces the first verse with “If you’re not with me, I feel bad for your team/ You should cut them off, you can follow your dreams.” (LOVE!)
The original being “Blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt/ After blunt after blunt after, hey/ Cup after cup, gotta double that up/ I’ve been waitin’ on this all day.”

Abel, we thank you for these two songs now press play again because you know you want to.