The Morning Crew with Anthony and Sally

12 October 2017

the morning crew with anthony and sally

The Virgin Radio Morning Crew has been the loudest, craziest and most upbeat show in Lebanon since the station launched in May 2013 taking morning radio by storm. The Virgin Radio Morning Crew offers a unique radio style that is not only extremely interactive but also highly entertaining.

Anthony Salame provides the provocative humor of the show that sets the lighthearted mood and also fires up our listeners! Sally Geha jumps in as the witty and charming cohost who keeps him grounded. Sally started her radio career giving Traffic and Weather updates on the morning show in earlier years while international comedian Anthony has been there since the show kicked off in 2013.

The show is full of the latest hits, amazing giveaways, relatable and hilarious segments such as “Why Would You Do That”, Hollywood News and odd things happening on the big stage of the world.

The Morning Crew with Anthony and Sally airs before the roosters even crow at 6 AM sharp every weekday morning. The dynamic between the hilarious comedian and the funky Sally makes for an amazing chaotic yet chilled blend. It’s four straight hours of hilarious diversions away from the morning traffic and daily routines.

Anthony and Sally enrich the show with their international backgrounds’ fusion; both being Australian with Lebanese routs and having lived in various countries around the world fill the studio with charm and fun relatable on a universal level.  The Lebanese and worldwide public are kept entertained in the best of ways by these partners in crime who have become the only and best way to kick off the day!

Tune in every day from 6 AM to 10 AM and catch our Morning Crew with Anthony and Sally.