The best feeling in the world

11 June 2015


When asked what’s the best feeling in the world, people have many replies; “being in the arms of the one I love”, “diving”, “eating junk food”, and many other little things that make us smile every day.

However, when we asked parents what’s the best feeling in the world? We got a different type of answers. “The first time I held my daughter”, “The first time my son said ‘Mama'”, “Watching my husband catch my little boy when he made his first steps.”

If this is the best feeling in the world, then missing out on these instances is the worst, according to many working parents.


“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. As a father and now a granddad to three wonderful grandchildren, I know how magical the first year of a child’s life is but also how much hard work it takes.” Richard Branson’s statement came to reinforce the new announcement made by Virgin Management which gives a fully paid parental leave for the entire year for both parents, regardless of gender and including adoptive parents, to take care of their children and never miss out on those precious first times.

“Having a child is a life-changing experience and this policy means our employees have the opportunity to enjoy time with their families and have a great career.” said Josh Bayliss, CEO at Virgin Management.

I think this is a victory for working parents all over the world especially nowadays and I can’t be more proud for being part of the Virgin family.