Taylor Swift becomes a dancing Invisible Woman

13 March 2018

delicate taylor swift

Taylor Swift and only Taylor Swift is the star of her new video for “Delicate.”

Okay let’s go one by one; Taylor Swift chooses to only be herself and be only with herself in her Joseph Kahn-directed visual for “Delicate.” The artist who has been going for fierce, star-studded and badass videos for her Reputation tracks, shifted into something more simple, basic and well, delicate for this one.

She drops the celebrities, the bodyguards, the lights and even part of her dress as she becomes invisible and goes roaming around dancing all over the place, enjoying her new-found freedom.

Which brings me to my second point, Taylor Swift can dance! Well we already knew that, but her specific ballet moves sent me back to her “Shake It Off” video with the part involving whole Black Swan piece. Maybe the artist herself is feeling a bit nostalgic to the older days where she could walk the street without being instantly surrounded…