Spice Girl is here, with an actual Spice Girl

11 October 2017

amine spice girl

Aminé wants really really wants a Spice Girl in his video and he got just that!

The rapper dropped “Spice Girl” from his debut album Good For You along with a video featuring Scary Spice herself and Issa Rae from Insecure.

The video was released on 10/10 and it’s a 10/10 on the weird but fun scale. Aminé directed the visual himself and put his face on everything, like EVERYTHING. He gets covered with sticky notes with the name of his album and so does the room he’s in. He gets a tattoo with the name of the album on his stomach and then Issa Rae jumps in to play the role of his baby mama while he’s in jail. The video’s ending is where we see Mel B sitting on the director’s chair yelling at him but we can barely hear her since most of what she says gets censored.