Sirah unleashes and Demi leashes for Dead Beat

20 November 2017

sirah skrillex dead beat demi lovato

Sirah and Skrillex strike again with “Dead Beat.”

The pair has gotten us used to banging hit after banging hit with “WEEKENDS!!!” and the Grammy winning “Bangarang.” On November 14, Sirah dropped the visual for another one of their collaborations titled “Dead Beat,” which includes a jaw-dropping appearance by one Demi Lovato!

The video kicks off with Sirah’s parents recording a video for her before her birth and ends with the same scene. In between, we see the artist busting some moves in LA with her crew, hanging out on a porch and then in Demi’s bedroom on a money-covered bed with Demi sitting next to her and holding the end of a leash attached to a man’s neck.

Sirah explained how all this came to be to EW;

 “I called and told [Demi] I was going to come by in lingerie with a shirtless man wearing a dog leash and throw money on her in the most intimate location possible: her bedroom.”

Sirah’s “Dead Beat” is listed under an album with the same name, so now we wait for another release, hopefully with more Demi vocals?