Sign of the Times is here and it’s a good sign

7 April 2017

sign of the times harry styles

April 7 is finally here, which means Harry Styles debut single is out!

The ex-One Direction singer had teased the track previously with an ad and later shared the cover art. Fans have been waiting for this moment ever since the band members announced they would be pursuing solo careers. After Zayn’s album, Louis Tomlinson’s collaboration with Steve Aoki, Niall’s debut single and Liam’s involvement in writing, Harry had remained the most silent; until now.

Harry Styles released “Sign of the Times” (not to be confused with Prince’s Sign O the Times 1973 album). The unanimous view of Harry’s track is its Bowiesque aspect and complete difference from what One Direction used to deliver.

We’re not sure when will Harry be releasing a second track to follow “Sign of the Times” but he’s due to perform on Saturday Night Live on April 15 and artists usually perform two tracks.

What do you think? Will Harry drop a new track on the day? Maybe do a cover? Or solo his way through one of One Direction’s tracks?