Sick Boy shifts The Chainsmokers ways

19 January 2018

the chainsmokers sick boy

The Chainsmokers released their darkest and most socially-relevant track to date “Sick Boy.”

The electronic duo rose to fame following a streak of banging tracks in 2017, namely their huge hit “Closer” in collaboration with Halsey. In their latest release, Andrew and Alex made drastic changes and drifted from EDM to Pure Pop and from love-rich lyrics to messages filled with social criticism thus giving us “Sick Boy” to kick off 2018.

The track, which was released on January 17 along with a music video, could be part of a soundtrack to a documentary about the current state of the world. The Michigan Daily’s Mike Watkins praised “Sick Boy” and put it under the label of “diatribe against society” with it being rich in “scathingly sarcastic criticism.”

The video shows the two members of The Chainsmokers, one behind a mic and the other pounding the keys of a piano, with heavy illustrations and dark imagery as Andrew blasts lyrics like “How many likes is my life worth?”