Shawn and John singing on a stage, W-O-W!

6 April 2017

shawn mendes john mayer live

Shawn Mendes finally got to perform with his idol, John Mayer.

If you know Shawn Mendes then you definitely know that he’s a big fan of John Mayer, who constitutes a great influence on Mendes’ music.

John Mayer had a show in Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on April 3 and he decided to add Mendes as a surprise guest. Shawn got on stage and blasted his way through “Mercy” to later be joined by John who started singing with him until the two smoothly switched “In Your Atmosphere.”

The two singers/songwriters later gushed and fangirled about each other on Instagram and Twitter.

Mayer calling Mendes “dynamite” and describing the performance as “over the top good”

While Mendes everything was perfect during the “insane night.”

John has only been three days into his The Search for Everything tour and he is already surprising the audience with amazing guests.. I guess what else he has in store for the tour..