Shape of You and Castle On The Hill, ADDICTED

9 January 2017

ed sheeran castle on the hill shae of you

After a long dreadful 2016 of wait and eagerness, Ed Sheeran started 2017 beautifully with not one but two amazing songs!

“Castle On The Hill” and “Shape of You” gave us back the taste of Ed we have been longing for. They have very different vibes and give different effects but are both equally addictive.

Ed shared that the more up-y “Shape of You” was originally written for Rihanna but he later found it more appropriate for him to sing it.

While “Castle On The Hill” has a more melancholic vibe taking the artist back to his early childhood where the lyrics “When I was 6 years old I broke my leg” fit in perfectly with other childhood memories.

Ed has been teasing the new tracks in the week leading to their release as well as teasing the most probable new album name ÷ (Divide), due to be released this year.