Selena’s Bad Liar is finally released!

18 May 2017

selena gomez bad liar

Selena Gomez released a new single admitting she’s a “Bad Liar.”

On Wednesday, May 17, Selena dropped her first single since Revival and after her February collaboration with KYGO on “It Ain’t Me.” The track dropped as an audio only with an exclusive video on Spotify. Selena had been teasing the new track over the past couple of days with pictures of the title “Bad Liar” written with lipstick on mirrors.

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“Bad Liar” was written by Selena herself with some help from “Issues” singer Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter over the bassline from Talking Heads 1977 track “Psycho Killer.” Tranter revealed how the entire process of sampling Talking Heads went down in an interview with Variety

“Selena and Julia are Talking Heads-obsessed, so when we all got together in one room, Julia suggested, ‘Why don’t we just write over the bassline from ‘Psycho Killer?’ and we were all going, ‘That sounds great!'”

“Bad Liar” discusses the early phases of a relationship and the fuzzy feels they give.