Selena Gomez’ mouth stars in Fetish

13 July 2017

selena gomez fetish

After teasing “Fetish” only so much, Selena Gomez finally drops the track.

When Selena Gomez released “Bad Liar,” it didn’t only give us a taste of the artist’s new music but also teased a second track. The momentum for “Fetish” had been building substantially before the release of the track on July 12.

The track was released with visuals that aren’t the official video but they feature the singer, well her mouth. During the entire song, all we see from the singer is her mouth iterating the lyrics with some glimpses at her eyes and fingers. Even during Gucci Mane’s part, we only get Selena’s mouth to look at in the Petra Collins directed video.

The track amassed more than 6 million views in its first 48 hours.