Selena Gomez Bad Liar

15 June 2017

selena gomez bad liar

Selena Gomez’ video for “Bad Liar” is here.

Selena is everyone in her new video for her latest track “Bad Liar.” She’s a student who doesn’t seem very popular, she’s also a blond basketball coach, the head principle of her school and she’s also her mother. It’ll get clearer when you watch the video; it’s pretty cool and has a twist!

Selena goes around the school looking not more than a teenager, making you doubt that this is 2017 and she’s no longer on Wizards of Waverly Place and in other places she looks like she’s a 30 year old house mom from the 70s. What’s your secret SelGo?! Is it magic?

The video ends with a twist followed by a teaser for what seems like the next single “Fetish” or the name of the upcoming album Fetish.