See First feature from Facebook

29 July 2015

See first post

Why you absolutely need to activate this..

Like all platforms online, Facebook is working  to give you, the user, the most personalized experience you can get. The social networking service keeps making changes  to improve your news feed by allowing news that is most relevant to you.

The latest change they made was adding the See First feature, which allows you to personalize what you see on your news feed yourself.

How does it work?

Your news feed is basically based on the type of posts you click on the most, and the friends you interact with the most; i.e. it relies on your habits.

The newly introduced See First feature gives you even more control over what you see. Whether you don’t want to miss posts from certain friends or from your favorite pages, you can now make sure that you see them first, on top of your news feed without being interrupted by those boring updates from people you don’t even like.

Don’t miss a funny meme or cat video ever again and make your news feed the way you want it to be.

The See First  feature is available on desktop and mobile for both Apple and Android and here’s how to activate it.

For iOS:

You need to go to More in the bottom right corner of the Facebook app screen, then Settings, then News Feed Preferences.

see first feature ios

Click “Prioritize Who to See First” and click on all the friends and pages you’d like to see at the top of your feed.

see first feature ios

For Android:

It’s not possible to change all of the priority settings from one place on Android. You have to individually click on any page that you want to see more of.

Press the ‘Following’ icon, under the name, and choose the ‘See First’ option.

see first androidFacebook promises it will bring Android in line with the other platforms in the coming weeks.

For PC:

The option is located  at the IN YOUR NEWS FEED in the menu that opens up when you click on the downwards arrow in the top-right side of the page.

see first