Rate the Hits

11 September 2015

Rate the Hits and win!!!

Music is the ultimate creation of man, which touches the soul and also helps every single one of us to compassionately manifest unexpressed desires. It is one of the most vital foundations in our daily life, and has a high effect on us. Music break boundaries between races, religions and other factors; it connects the whole world and is capable of bonding people together. Due to the influence of music in the heart and mind of any individual it can induce millions of people from different parts of the world and elevate them emotionally.

In 2013, the Lebanese crowd was introduced to a new vibrant radio station with a whole different approach. At Virgin Radio Lebanon we care about our listeners’ interests and opinions concerning the songs we broadcast throughout the whole day. We decided to bring to our spectators a tool where they can elect a playlist that will suit their own taste. Rate the Hits allows everyone to pick and rate the tracks on our radio because we are only interested in playing the music you like to hear. Not only you will get the opportunity to choose the hits, but you will also have the chance to win different prizes every month such as a Galaxy Note 5.

All you have to do is tell us what you think!!