Rag n Bone Man will give you goosebumps!

20 February 2017

rag n bone man skin

Rag n Bone Man released another shiver-inducing track, “Skin.”

Rory Graham, known as Rag n Bone Man, has just won the Choice Award at the 2017 Brit Awards. His LP Human is the fastest-selling male debut album of the decade with 117,000 physical and virtual copies sold in one week. AND he got a call from ELTON JOHN who told him “F**king love you, I think you’re brilliant.”

After the great success of his debut track “Human,” he released a new track titled “Skin,” which was inspired by the relationship between “Game of Thrones’” Jon Snow and Ygritte.

“It’s kind of about just missing out on something that could have been […]I’d been watching Game Of Thrones where Jon Snow and the wildling girl [Ygritte]; they’re obviously in love but they can’t be together because they’re from different worlds […]It just kind of meant that whatever happened you’d still have that person in your mind. And that was kind of inspired by that episode.”

How amazing is this!?