Off with Katy’s head in her Hey Hey Hey video

21 December 2017

hey hey hey katy perry

“Hey Hey Hey” Katy Perry can fight you in a dress.

KP (not Kim Possible) dropped the video for “Hey Hey Hey” and in it she alternates between being a corset-incarcerated, Marie Antoinette-like character forced to go on dates with obnoxious princes and take extreme etiquette courses.

Katy’s true rebellious self is a little revealed when she wakes up wearing a ripped t-shirt with her favorite musician, Mozart, on it. Later on, as she tries to walk with a stack of books on her head and falls, we see her daydreaming about being Joan of Arc and winning in combat against her date, transforming him into a “hotdog combo.”

When Katy in a dress revolts in reality she’s lead to the guillotine and decapitated, but Joan doesn’t abandon her….

The video along with the song showcase Katy’s capacity as a woman to be both soft and strong. She can be two polar opposites, thus reflecting womankind as being capable of being both.