Obese woman dramatic transformation

16 April 2015


California-based single mom, Marlies Hartmann used to weigh 218lbs before shedding a whooping 75lbs, and she runs now a health food-focused website. After the death of her older Sister Michelle in a motorcycle accident at the age of 22, her family moved from Illinois to Utah. Due to these tragic events Marlies turned to food to cope with her sadness, and by the age of 13 her weight kept on increasing dramatically. Her family loved food and her Italian- American dad used to cook delicious homemade sauce, Italian sausage and pasta with meatballs. She said “He would make these big stews and you’d see an inch of oil at the top from either the meat or he would dump in olive oil.”

“It was always, “Oh you like it? Have more!” she continued ‘The whole low-fat, diet food industry came in the ’90s,’ she says.

‘Suddenly I said, “Well, I can eat a [whole] box of SnackWell’s because they’re fat-free.”

Marlies tried every available diet and used prescription pills to help her lose weight, however she failed to lose her extra pounds. After she went to study art history in Florence she learned the solution to permanent weight loss. She was motivated by her roommate who had lost 50 lbs to ditch the pizza and pasta and replace it with homemade cooking. In just 5 months after returning home she went from size 16 to size 12. She kept her weigh off with the help of a food diary and by exercising several times a week. She’s writing a cook book about all the recipes she tried out and helped in her diet journey. She explained “I’m not a trained cook. Everything’s experimenting.”

“It’s not that my things are healthy or low fat or diet in any way. They’re real food.

But to me that makes you more connected. The more you can have real food in your food the more nutrients you’re going to get.”

Marlies inspires 12,500 Instagram followers with images of her delicious healthy recipes.