Not Kiwi but cake was thrown in this video

9 November 2017

harry styles kiwi

Harry Styles released “Kiwi” with a cake-rich music video.

“Kiwi” is the third single from Harry Styles debut self-titled album and the second to get a visual after “Sign of The Times.”  Contrary to his last video, and to anything we’ve ever seen, this video consists mainly of a food fight between what seems to be two armies of children.

The kids are gathered in a school hall and tension keeps rising between them until a young girl, wearing the same suit as Harry shows up with a Tupperware of cupcakes and declares that the fight shall begin.

The video then follows the epic battle fit for a food version of 300 until Harry shows up with his adorable dogs to clean up the mess. The kids are all decked in Gucci, Harry-styled suits, which are obviously forever ruined with all the cakes. A disclaimer assures us that the dogs weren’t harmed eating all that sugar.

And yes, we all want to be in Harry’s next video!