Noah Cyrus overnight of fun fun fun

11 May 2017

noah cyrus stay together video

Noah Cyrus’ video for “Stay Together” is a wild night out.

The artist has released a second single from her upcoming album NC-17 and it reminds her mom of prom. The singer revealed in a recent interview that her mom thought the song even revolved around the theme of prom; “My mom told me it reminds her of when she went to prom. Then after prom, she went out with her friends and had so much fun.”

Noah may have not fully approved but it seems her mom got a point of it as the artist says she wants people to get the urge to go out and have fun when they hear “Stay Together.”

“My biggest thing whenever I’m writing is I want them to be able to relate to the song the same way I relate to it. If somebody’s listening to ‘Stay Together,’ that they’re like, ‘Oh, let’s go out tonight.’”

The video does exactly that as we follow Noah and a bunch of friends as they go from place to place doing crazy things and mainly having fun.