Niall Horan sounds way way different

5 May 2017

niall horan slow hands

Niall Horan delivers a funky new track “Slow Hands.”

The artist has clearly changed his ways,  or direction – sorry, I had to, as he released this new track. “Slow Hands” doesn’t sound anything like his days with One Direction or even his solo debut, “This Town.” It’s edgier, sexier, and definitely showing more maturity from the artist who was once dubbed “the nice guy.”

We can say that Niall went from “I’ll have her home by 8” to “read at 5:43 PM” between “This Town” and “Slow Hands.” The artist is definitely experimenting with different vibes and we’re really excited to hear some more!

“Slow Hands” was released on Thursday, May 4.