Meghan Trainor dazzles in 80s couture and a funky new song

5 March 2018

meghan trainor no excuses video

What’s better than Meghan Trainor? Three 80s-style-Meghan-Trainors and a Spy Kids Easter egg.

Meghan Trainor has been a little away from the music scene while recovering from vocal surgery and getting engaged to Spy Kids’ Juni Cortez, Daryl Sabara. She recently confided in The Late Late Show host, James Corden about her upcoming releases and she delivered. “No Excuses” has been released with a funky 80s vibe video.

Trainor sings and dances while two Meghan Trainor clones support her in the background. The artist blasts into “No Excuses” and the visual shifts from scene to scene and outfit to outfit showing us all that we missed from the 80s fun times.

“No Excuses” is part of Meghan’s upcoming album, which boasts another cute surprise that she revealed earlier; her fiancé, Daryl, sings on every song of the album. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!