Marmalade is a fun track with a more fun video

3 August 2017

marmalade macklemore lil yachty

You’re gona wish that you’re Mini Macklemore and lil Lil Yachty after watching this.

The artists recently released their collaboration “Marmalade,” which is set to be the second track of Macklemore’s upcoming solo album. The visuals, which dropped on August 2, are something else; perfectly illustrating the track in the most unexpected way possible.

Mini Macklemore and Mini Lil Yachty (or lil Lil Yachty) are having the time of their lives touring the city doing everything you would have wanted to do as a child, if you had a couple thousand dollars and Macklemore’s Maybach, which you drive sitting on an Air Jordans box. Young Mack takes what he needs from a sleeping Big Mack and picks up his buddies along the way, to later switch driver’s seats with Young Lil Yachty.

The quartet buy lots of bling, steal Tom Brady’s shirt from his locker room and deliver it to ex-Seahawk player Marshawn Lynch, who treats them and all the kids on the block to an 18 below party by the pool.