Los Ageless is forever young

10 October 2017

st vincent los ageless

St.Vincent dropped “Los Ageless” with an extremely colorful video.

The track is part of the Annie Clark’s upcoming LP, Masseducation, due to be released on October 13. “Los Ageless” is exactly about what you would think it is; over-the-top beauty treatments and anti-aging procedures which have hit Hollywood and the world.

The “Los Ageless” track and video combo was released on October 3 and feature the artist going from procedure to procedure in monochromatic settings. She’s playing the guitar while recovering from rhinoplasty, moves to get her hair done with a group of other ladies and then soaks her feet in some green slime that gains life at some point. The video ends just in time before Annie eats a moving creature in form of hors d’oeuvres and a phone made out of cake.