Lewis Hamilton sprays hostess with champagne

14 April 2015


The Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday was once again a win for Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. Even so, the victory was criticized by many after Hamilton sprayed champagne at a hostess’ face. This being the second time Hamilton does this put him on the radars of anti-sexist groups that consider what he did as a “selfish” and “inconsiderate” act since he knew the hostess couldn’t do anything about it but stand still.

Motor racing sports tend to “portray women as sexualised objects and that probably makes it even harder for the women to stand up for themselves” as Roz Hardie, the chief executive of anti-sexism group, Object, said.

This tradition started in 1967, where it became a tradition for winners to spray teammates and crew so motorsport experts found the act as normal and not showing sexism, but the hostess’ annoyed face may say otherwise.

This wasn’t the only upsetting thing Hamilton did in this race. Teammate Nico Rosberg also complained that Hamilton slowed down on purpose allowing Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel to get close to him, putting Rosberg in a position where he had to defend the Ferrari team, but be delayed himself.