Lemon brought N.E.R.D back and got Rihanna to rap

2 November 2017

nerd lemon rihanna

N.E.R.D just dropped a track featuring a rapping Rihanna.

Since their last album release in 2010 and some tracks for the SpongeBob Movie in 2015, N.E.R.D or No-one Ever Really Dies haven’t put anything out, until now. Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley teamed up with Rihanna for “Lemon,” which premiered on Beats 1 on November 1, moments before the video.

The visual launches with Rihanna shaving a woman’s head (dancer Mette Towley), who later becomes the center character of the video as she dances her way through what seems to be a market. Another central and wow factor character in the track is Rihanna! Pharrell starts off the track and leaves the mic and floor for Riri for an entire minute, which she spends rapping a fire verse!

We’re not sure if N.E.R.D have a new album coming up and this is the first taste of it, but it sure seems like it with all the teasing and advertising they’ve been doing all over social media.