Lea Michele’s Run To You is powerful

31 March 2017

lea michele run to you

Another track from Lea Michele’s Places, this is “Run To You.”

Lea Michele released a third track from her upcoming album Places and this one is her favorite. “Run To You” is about running to the other side of the globe for someone you love as Lea told EW.

“When I love someone, I really love them… And this song is about that kind of love where you will just do anything for that person. You will run to the other side of the globe for them. You might think this song is about someone taking care of you, but it’s really about you promising to take care of someone, and if you let me love you, I will take care of you and you will be safe with me.”

A captivating piano ballad with Michele soaring through lyrics gets your love-hungry heart craving for more.

“Run To You” follows “Love Is Alive” and “Anything’s Possible” from Places which is set to drop on April 28.