Lauren Jauregui tries to find love during a Steve Aoki party on All Night

10 January 2018

Steve Aoki Lauren Jauregui All Night

Mike Harris directs Lauren Jauregui’s “All Night” modern love story in her latest collaboration with Steve Aoki.

The Fifth Harmony star hits the club with a bunch of friends and takes her natural place on a throne next to the dance floor because she’s the kween at Steve Aoki’s ball. Her Romeo then appears by the bar with an Antonio Banderas kind of charm and their eyes fix as everything and everyone around them freezes. They spend “All Night” trying to reach each other.

The love-struck pair walk towards one another among pushing people on the dance floor and end up crawling in the other’s direction (in a very unhygienic way, if I might say) on the club floor. As they’re about to finally clutch hands, they are transported into outer space where sparks and stars fly around them. The video closes on Lauren and her mystery man trying to get their fingers to touch as if they were part of Michelangelo’s “The Creation.” A Mike Harris chez d’oeuvre was delivered for “All Night.”