Katy Perry talks music, hair and beefs

24 May 2017

katy perry carpool karaoke

Katy Perry jumped in the car with James Corden and revealed a bunch of things.

The “Bon Appetit” singer joins The Late Late Show host on his famous Carpool Karaoke to sing some of her best hits and talk about song muses and THE beef with Taylor Swish… Swift… (Honest mistake).

James first asks about her hairdo and then moves to know about her muse for “I Kissed A Girl” if it was Scarlett Johanson or Miley Cyrus, to which the artist revealed that it was someone from when she was 17! Put out your fingers, that means Miley was 8 when Katy first thought of the track.

The two don’t hold back when singing especially when they get to “Swish Swish.” James addresses the famous beef between Katy and Taylor Swift to know if the song is really about that to which Katy replies, “Karma” to later say that it was Taylor who started it…