Kai was born a girl……

17 April 2015

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Kai looks like any regular 10- year-old boy, and like most boys he loves football instead of playing with girls’ toys. However, Kai was born  a girl, but by the age of three he knew that he has been living in the wrong body. At a very early age Kai refused to wear dresses and preferred boyish haircuts. When he turned nine he revealed to his mother the truth by telling her “I’m a really a boy”. His mother, Miss Rachel Windsor explained: ‘As a toddler, Kai only wanted to play ball. As a girl, he had no interest in any dolls and made a beeline for boy’s toys.

‘And as soon as he began school, he only wanted to wear trousers as the other boys did. Soon after, I noticed he went red whenever girls were around.” At the age of 10, Kai is set to undergo a hormone treatment, and after people stopped referring to him as a girl his grades improved and he became much happier with his own skin. When Kai was born there was no sign of any male characteristics, and Miss Windsor used to shower “Kaia” with dolls and dresses as any other young girl. Kai had an incredible support from his primary school, and his mother continued: “Then when he came out as transgender, they sent a letter out to all the parents in his year to explain he now wanted to be referred to as a boy.

‘Staff then held a special lesson for all the year to explain about being transgender. And now they are even in the process of building unisex toilets to make life easier for Kai and other children like him.”

There’s plenty of kids under the age of 11 that are facing gender problems, and not all of them are getting help and counselling.