Justin Bieber’s top 5 male pop stars

13 November 2015

justin bieber top pop artists

Justin Bieber made a list of his top 5 male pop artists and Eminem made the cut.

In a recent interview with Billboard for “Greatest of All Time,” the pop artist was asked to name his top 5 favorites and although Eminem is not a Pop Star but rather the greatest rapper of our generation if not all time, he managed to join Michael Jackson and Prince on the list.

Justin started with, of course, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson saying “I just think that his iconic brand and what he stood for as an artist was groundbreaking.” duhh..

Second order of hierarchy comes the prince, Prince who according to Justin is “very inventive and had his own style.”

After Prince we go to mount Olympus of MCs because “Eminem is kind of a pop star. I know he’s a rapper, but I feel like he was a pop star too, a little bit, based on his brand”  says Justin.

And then for ranks 4 and 5, Usher and Justin Timberlake were the chosen ones because “He was my mentor and still is my mentor. Coming up under him was really special” speaking about the “Yeah” singer and adding “He’s an amazing pop star. I’ve always respected the fact that he wasn’t afraid to just be himself” about Justin Timberlake to whom the young Justin was compared with the shift he made on his new album Purpose.