Justin Bieber is making our nights and days

19 November 2015

justin bieber halsey

Justin Bieber joined by Halsey and Big Sean
for a live performance. After appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he moved to Today to perform “What Do You Mean,” “Sorry” and “Love Yourself,” which the dedicated fans have already memorized in addition to the rest of the songs on the album.

However, Justin didn’t only do just that but he went on to give us a bigger treat by performing “The Feeling” with Halsey who showed up in ripped jeans, similar to Justin’s, and made an amazing performance that included oh so many hugs and gazes.

“The Feeling” has proved to be a fan favorite and the live performance with Halsey’s appearance certainly sent screaming fans into a craze. Have a look at the show and see for yourselves.

Later on, Justin invited Big Sean on stage with whom he performed “No Pressure, ” also on the album. Justin joined Big Sean on the rap to say “You know I eat the Cookie like I’m Lucious” which may sound familiar to Empire fans.