James Blunt’s Bartender is everything

16 March 2017

bartender james blunt

James Blunt is now a few days away from releasing his new album The Afterlove.

The first single from his fifth studio album so far was “Love Me Better” released on January 27.

“Bartender” followed dropping on March 10 just fourteen days prior to the album release. The music video for “Bartender” follows James as he claims his love interest back during a night out after fighting and her returning some sort of necklace.

The album was written mainly by the British singer himself with contributors including Ryan Tedder and Ed Sheeran as co-author on two tracks, “Time of Our Life” and “Make Me Better,” and producer on the latter.

James’ release announcements are usually hilarious btw! His tweets are super funny and tend to be self-depricating most of the times, like when he announced his new album.

and this little gem..