James Arthur’s Naked takes place on TV

8 January 2018

james arthur naked

James Arthur’s “Naked” has a powerful retro music video with Cressida Bonas.

The artist dropped “Naked” last November and followed it by the music video on December 1. The video opens on The James Arthur Show, a talk show hosted by the singer while numbers of people watch at home. His guest, played by British actress and model Cressida Bonas, seems to have had a previous encounter with the host as she mouths “not now James” right before they go on air.

The interview seems to be going quite well and everyone seems entertained and mesmerized by the show until they get back from break and James seems to start losing his capacity to contain his feelings. To everyone’s surprise, he stands up while citing the powerful verse

I’m not gonna wait until you’re done

Pretending you don’t need anyone

I’m standing here naked

Cressida seems uneasy after these events but ends up calling him as he leaves the set among the shocked looks of the crew. The two join together and are about to exchange a kiss when suddenly the camera zooms out on James back on his seat…