It’s a Taylor vs Taylor war

28 October 2017

ready for it video

…. and it’s just beginning.

“Ready For It,” the video was finally released on Thursday October 26 and it’s filled with action, clues and Easter eggs from Taylor’s past and future (album).

Joseph Kahn, who directed the video for “Bad Blood,” is the man behind the cam for this one as well.

The “Ready For It” film begins with a robotic eye Taylor who goes through some shady allies with robots, lots of graffiti, Chinese writings on walls, and HINTS.

Fans dissected the video frame by frame and found track titles written on walls as well as the birth year of Taylor and her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. There are snake references, witch hunt references, old Taylor references, etc. … the video is filled!

Taylor then faces another Taylor, who is later revealed as the real Taylor not the robot (media representation), and the video finishes in a way that seems like it’s only the beginning with the real Taylor escaping her cage and destroying fake Taylor. Are you “Ready For It?”

Try finding the clues and hints in the video if you can…