Inspired will inspire you

14 June 2017

inspired miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ “Inspired” is a very personal, hopeful track.

After releasing “Malibu,” Miley has now dropped “Inspired,” an extremely personal and hopeful track. The artist debuted the track during the One Love Manchester benefit Ariana Grande held on June 4. Five days later, she released the track across the usual platforms with the proceeds going to her charity the Happy Hippie Foundation, to celebrate pride.

A very interesting thing about “Inspired” is Miley dubbing it her “Hillary Clinton song.” In an interview with Billboard, Miley revealed how Hillary’s relationship with her dad reminded her of her relationship with her dad, country artist, Billy Ray Cyrus.

“I wrote it actually maybe a week before I went and campaigned for her, and she sent me a letter about it. ‘Cause I sent it to her the day after the election, I said, ‘I wrote this song for you, and the reason I thought you would like it is because I always imagined you with your dad, when I wrote about me and my dad playing in the creek.’ Because, you remember when at all the debates she would bring up her dad? Her dad obviously played a very impactful part in her life, and my dad played one in mine.”