In My Blood will shatter you and rebuild you

26 April 2018

shawn mendes in my blood

Shawn Mendes goes through so much in the new “In My Blood” visual.

Well, you can say a lot goes through him as the artist is laying on the floor during the entire video getting things thrown at him.

“In My Blood” is without a doubt a very personal and heart-trenching track on its own. The visual, directed by Jay Martin, definitely gives it a stronger effect leaving us feeling Shawn’s pains and anxiety if not relating to “the walls closing in.” Rocks shatter around the artist and snow and rain fall down on him while he remains paralyzed on the floor in the middle of it all.

The visual definitely embodies “In My Blood” in its depths but then drops a ray of hope with the sun that shines on Shawn and white flowers that grows around him. The video ends on a happy note with a greener grass after having left us feeling every bit of it.