I’m Stuck on Noah Cyrus’ new track

26 May 2017


Noah Cyrus keeps surprising with new single “I’m Stuck.”

Everyone expected Noah to make her debut with country music, which she didn’t so we assumed she wouldn’t be following that path but twist again!

May 25, Noah released “I’m Stuck” which has some underlying country mixed with pop and sick beats to make you move and move you. She had a hopeful and positive caption to the video “i truly hope it brings a little light and fun to your day, cuz i think we all need it right now” in which she later thanks Labrinth for his help on the track. The two had previously collaborated on her debut song “Make Me Cry.”

Noah, joined by the family, took over the today show this past week where she debuted “I’m Stuck” along with her father, Grammy award winner, Billy Ray Cyrus.