Get your dancing on for Bigger Than You

21 June 2018

bigger than you drake quavo 2 chainz

Get ready to get movin because 2 Chainz, Drake and Quavo a track that’s “Bigger Than You” and bigger than me, and bigger of all of us.

The trio collaborate for 2 Chainz’ latest single “Bigger Than You” which isn’t listed in his previous 2017 EP or album, which could only mean that it’s part of his upcoming album Rap Or Go to the League.

The three take turn to rapping their verses with Quavo delivering the hook and Drake launching with a very late comeback to a burn form almost 10 years ago when someone told him he needs to work on his singing; “Member shorty told me she thought the raps good, but the singing’s off.”

Drake does not forget.

Rap Or Go to the League was announced last February and in it 2 Chainz addresses racial issues and stereotypes

“With the height of racial tensions across America I felt I should do my part in explaining some of the brain washing formulas used in my community. This album not only touches on those who did succeed thru entertainment but those who didn’t! Welcome to Rap or Go TO THE LEAGUE!”