For Free? (Interlude) by Kendrick Lamar

5 August 2015

for free

Released July 31, the video”For Free? (Interlude)” is as exceptional as the song.

A very eccentric satirical video to accompany a hard-hitting song.

When you listen to the song while watching the video, you will definitely feel the weird caricatural effect it has.

As part of his upcoming third studio album To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar has us staring at the screen and holding our ears yet another time to get the depth of this new hit. It’s lively, fun and carries a very strong message whether through the lyrics or the video.

for free

“For Free? (Interlude)” carries meaning in both the lyrics and the video especially with the satirical representation of stereotypes and Lamar’s emphasis on his own self worth towards these stereotypes (represented by the woman) and to the marginalizing temptations of “success” in America.